An Alternative Guide To King Crimson (1969-72)

King Crimson

  • A1. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Instrumental, Trio Version)
  • A2. I Talk To The Wind (Studio Run Through)
  • A3. Epitaph (Alt Instrumental Version)
  • B1. Moonchild (Take 1)
  • B2. The Court Of The Crimson King (Take 3, Instrumental)
  • B3. I Talk To The Wind (Duo Version)
  • B4. Cadence & Cascade (Guide Vocal, Greg Lake)
  • B5. Peace - An End (Alt. Mix)
  • C1. Cat Food (Single Version)
  • C2. Groon (2010 Mix)
  • C3. Indoor Games (Alt Take)
  • C4. Lady Of The Dancing Water (Alt Take)
  • C5. Prince Rupert Awakes (Piano, Keith Tippett)
  • C6. Prince Rupert's Lament (Alt Take)
  • D1. A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls
  • D2. Sailor's Tale (Alt Guitar Takes)
  • D3. Ladies Of The Road (Remix)
  • D4. Prelude: Song Of The Gulls (String Section, Take 2)
  • D5. Islands (Run Through With Oboe Prominent)

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