Nokturnal Mortum

  • Weltanschauung
  • A1. The Path Of Immortals
  • A2. I Feel The Breath Of Ragnarok
  • A3. Stardust
  • A4. Weltanschauung
  • B1. Sorrow Of Native Lands
  • B2. Hailed Be The Heroes
  • B3. The Dance Of Fire And Steel
  • B4. The New Era Of Swords
  • C1. Endless Vast Swamps
  • C2. The Knots Upon The Tread Of Fate
  • C3. Harvesting The Seeds Of Death
  • D1. The Taste Of Victory
  • D2. The Way Of Glory
  • The Taste Of Victory
  • E1. The Taste Of Victory
  • E2. Weltanschauung
  • F1. The New Era Of Swords
  • F2. As The Steel Eagle Into Golden Svarga

Tracklisting: Discogs (797568)

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