The Witcher (Music From The Netflix Original Series)

Sonya Belousova

  • A1. Geralt Of Rivia
  • A2. Toss A Coin To Your Witcher
  • A3. Happy Childhoods Make For Dull Company
  • A4. They're Alive
  • A5. The Time of Axe and Sword Is Now
  • A6. I'm Helping the Idiot
  • A7. Her Sweet Kiss
  • B1. The Last Rose of Cintra
  • B2. Late Wee Pups Don't Get To Bark
  • B3. Tomorrow I'll Leave Blaviken For Good
  • B4. It's an Ultimatum
  • B5. Round of Applause
  • B6. Giltine The Artist
  • B7. You Think You're Safe
  • B8. The Knight Who Was Taught to Save Dragons
  • B9. Everytime You Leave
  • C1. The Fishmonger's Daughter
  • C2. Man in Black
  • C3. The Great Cleansing
  • C4. Four Marks
  • C5. Here's Your Destiny
  • C6. Today Isn't Your Day Is It
  • C7. The End's Beginning
  • D1. The Pensive Dragon Inn
  • D2. You'll Have to Fight It Until Dawn
  • D3. A Gift for the Princess
  • D4. Battle Of Marnadal
  • D5. The Song of the White Wolf

Tracklisting: Discogs (15427930)

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