Her Wallpaper Reverie

The Apples In Stereo

  • A1. Her Room Is A Rainy Garden (Wallpaper Reverie Theme)
  • A2. Morning Breaks (And Roosters Complain)
  • A3. The Shiny Sea
  • A4. The Significance Of A Floral Print
  • A5. Strawberryfire
  • A6. From Outside, In Floats A Music Box
  • A7. Ruby
  • B1. She Looks Through Empty Windows
  • B2. Questions And Answers
  • B3. Drifting Patterns
  • B4. Y2K
  • B5. Les Amants
  • B6. Benefits Of Lying (With Your Friend)
  • B7. Ruby, Tell Me
  • B8. Together They Dream Into The Evening

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