Turn Up The Bass 3


  • A1. Git On Up
  • A2. Ska Train
  • A3. We Want Some Pussy
  • A4. Just Let Go
  • A5. Numero Uno
  • A6. Spin That Wheel (Turtles Get Real)
  • A7. Grand Piano
  • B1. Do What You Want
  • B2. Let There Be House
  • B3. Move Your Body
  • B4. Let Da Music Take Control
  • B5. Te Quiero
  • B6. Just As Long As I Got You
  • B7. I Can't Stand It
  • C1. Ride On Time
  • C2. Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)
  • C3. Get Into It
  • C4. We Got Our Own Thang
  • C5. Ska Soul
  • C6. Turn Up The Music
  • C7. I Can Handle It
  • D1. Hey DJ (I Can't Dance To That Music You're Playing)
  • D2. Me So Horny (Nasty Version)
  • D3. Rich In Paradise
  • D4. C Day Live
  • D5. Mucho Macho
  • D6. Yo Yo Get Funky
  • D7. The Real Wild House

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